Marek Vesely - guitar, vocal

nick: mara, maris
mail: marlenjes@centrum.cz
phone: +420 606 820 701


Lukas - vocal

nick: Satan
mail: satan.fatality@gmail.com

phone: +420 777 592 666


Josef Prchal - guitar

nick: Papen


Pavel Zajiic - drums



Tomas - bass guitar

nick: Seth

Band history

Fatality band was based in 1992 originally under the name of KING DEATH (in 1995 the name was changed).
The band was based by Marek Vesely and Roman Vesely.
Here are the names of the band members: Marek Vesely - guitar, vocals, Roman Vesely - bass guitar, Svaťa Jetelina - guitar, Martin Jiříček - drums. This stuff did not take a long time. Zdenek CHmelik started playing second guitar. And after a short time we had to kick out Martin, drummer. Martin was replaced by Jana Zapletalová. With this stuff we have practiced material for demo. But just before the end of finishing demo Zdeněk left and was replaced by Ludvík Crha.
The band started playing death metal style and is still playing the same style. In this band the members had been continuously changed like in many other bands.
In 1994 the band published their first demo with 5 songs under the name of THE REAL FACE OF THE MIDDLE AGES.
Band members who participated on demo:
Marek Veselý - guitar, vocals
Roman Veselý - bass guitar
Jana Zapletalová - drums
Ludva Crha - guitar

Approximately after one year Ludva Crha left the band and was replaced by Marek Musil. But after another year Jana Zapletalová left and Marek Musil, too.
They were replaced by Dušan Pavlíček (ex. Tisíc let od ráje - Thousand years from the Paradise) and by Libor Fausek (Khopec, now Inner Fear).
After the training room was robbed, these guys also left. For about one year the band was searching for new members.
Marek Veselý wanted to concentrate himself mainly to guitar, so Radim Týn started with vocals (Copretina, Spasm).
Laďa Kocman started as a drummer (Porno) and Zdeněk Chmelík came back again to solo guitar. But he unfortunatelly has finished after some month with active playing, so he finished also in Fatality band and was replaced by Josef Prchal (Papén).
In formation:
Marek Veselý - guitar, vocals
Roman Veselý - bass guitar
Radim Týn - vocals
Laďa Kocman - drums
Josef Prchal - solo guitar
In this formation the band published in 1998 their second demo with the name: TEARS OF THE WORLD.

This formation lasted for eight long years, demo was very popular with the fans. Band took part at various big festivals (Obscene Extreme, Nuclear Storm). In Slovakia we played at the beginning of the concert with such bands like Macabre, Krabathor.
The Fatality band started going also to abroad. In Uherské Hradiště the band was succesful to play in the beginning of Spanish Haemorrhage´s band concert. And another change, Copretina left and was replaced by Ondra Broska.
So in 2004 band finally published after a long time their first CD with the name of LOST IN SUFFERING. Also video-clip was made to this CD - to the song Saviours of Death.
Formation of above mentioned CD:
Marek Veselý - guitar, vocals
Roman Veselý - bass guitar
Laďa Kocman - drums
as guest Khopec + a guitar player from SEEDS of SORROW - solo guitar
Ondra Broska - vocals
(notice: Papén did not cooperate on that CD)
Fredy from Search Mystery band participated in vocals in one song.
After one year Ondra was replaced by Pavel Gartner (Geťa) in vocals.
Formation looks to be constant and Geťa participated with Fatality band in 2007 in the second CD with the name: CLOSER TO HELL...
Band´s formation in that CD:
Marek Veselý - guitar, vocals,
Roman Veselý - bass guitar
Laďa Kocman - drums
Papén - solo guitar
Geťa - vocals
In 2009 Geťa left Fatality band and was replaced by Lukáš Hort (Satan).

In 2011 in fall (autumn) Roman left, but after three months he came back.
In that 2011 year Petr from DARK SEAL cooperated with us as a guest (guitar) till the year of 2013.
In November 2012 Laďa Kocman left after being with us for 14 years.
Till the end of year he participated in concerts with Fatality and then was replaced by Pavel Zajíc (Zídy).
In 2013 another member of Fatality group left - Roman Veselý (Kapr) - who had been the member of group for a long time.
Roman was replaced by Tomš (Seth) who used to play in such bands like Amon and War ensemble.
Nowadays formation of Fatality band:
Marek Veselý - guitar
Satan - vocals
Tomáš Rumler - bass guitar
Papén - solo guitar
Pavel Zajíc - drums
At the end of the year 2013 Fatality band started (after more than 6 years) publishing their third CD.


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